Users Online Are Relentlessly Clowning ‘BMF’ For The Show’s ‘Off-Brand’ Casting Of The Late Tupac In Its Latest Episode

50 Cent’s original series, BMF, is all about the rise and fall of the Black Mafia Family. The public remembers the real-life enterprise as ‘Blowin’ Money Fast,’ thanks to its many references in rap music. But its latest episode shows that writers are the ones speedy through materials. Users online have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to call out the show for what they believe to be a historical inaccuracy and a questionable casting decision.

In its latest episode, “Sanctuary” (Season 3, Episode 3), the series’ main character, Meech (played by Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., yes, that’s his actual father) so, happens to run into the late Tupac (played by Mason Douglas). The episode’s description explains that the encounter, seemingly inspired by true events, would’ve taken place at the Jack the Rapper Weekend in 1993.

However, users online couldn’t help but clown the series for the ‘off-brand’ portrayal of the rap legend. Others called about the series from time jumping, making the encounter highly unlikely.

Check out a few of the responses below.

“‘BMF’ can’t be serious with this TEMU version of Tupac,” wrote one user.

“Boy, what da f*ck LMAO,” penned a user.

“And people thought it couldn’t get any worse than Anthony Mackie’s version of Tupac,” laughed one user.

“3Pac,” joked another.

“TUPAC NOTSHUR,” added another.

Some users attempted to defend the scene by verifying the event details. “For everyone confused, Meech is attending the 1993 Jack the Rapper convention; that’s why Tupac is bald. They briefly show us the Wu-Tang Clan and Kid n Play, too,” explained one user.

But others were going for the breakdown. “It’s supposed to be 1990/91 in the show, though, not 93. Season 1 was 89. Timelines aren’t matching up, and that’s where the confusion is stemming from,” replied a user.

BMF is exclusively available on Starz. To watch the latest episode, click here.