Boosie Badazz Is Reportedly Suing Mark Zuckerberg For Racism After His Instagram Account Was Deleted

Boosie Badazz has pissed off a number of celebrities this year. Back in April, he ruffled the feathers of Jay-Z and Dwayne Wade after making transphobic comments about Wade’s daughter. Now, it looks like Boosie is having a quarrel with Mark Zuckerberg — and he’s willing to take it to court.

Bossie’s Intsagram was deactivated back in August after the rapper posted a pornographic photo to his feed and he’s still locked out of his 10 million follower account. Speaking to VladTV in an interview about the incident, Boosie said being locked out of his Instagram page has caused him to lose out on several brand deals, so his solution is to sue Zuckerberg for $20 million:

“And I got over 200,000 people writing statements who have done way worser things than I put on my Instagram. I got porn stars, I got all people who have done way worser things than my Instagram. Their Instagram has been given to them, taken back and given to them over and over. This is my first time my Instagram ever been taken back, taken from me. So you can give two million people their Instagram back for the derogatory things they did and I didn’t do nothing but post a girl with an emoji over her.”

Continuing to talk about the lawsuit, Boosie said he thinks Zuckerberg is discriminating against him. “This is discrimination,” he said. “Something is wrong, somebody must be mad because I said their name wrong and they chastise me. […] And my Black people are starting to tell me that ‘Boosie, this man is a racist. He knows you affect the Black community and make them smile every morning. Why he’s not giving you your page back when he gives all these people their page back? He might be trying to stop us from smiling.'”

Watch a clip of Boosie’s VladTV interview above.