Kamala Harris Surprised Brandy And Monica During Their ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Brandy and Monica brought their indelible ’00s hits to Monday’s edition of the wildly-popular competition series Verzuz. The singers revealed they hadn’t been together in the same room in nine years. To celebrate to monuments occasion, Brandy and Monica were joined by a high-profile fan.

Just ahead of kicking off the event, Kamala Harris digitally joined the duo to thank them for their music:

“I’m so excited about tonight and I just wanted to thank you ladies, you queens, you stars, and thank you for doing this for when we all vote. It’s so important for everyone. You both have used your voice in such a powerful way. […] I’m such a huge fan of both of you. […] I’m going to be singing and dancing all night with you all.”

Monica agreed with what Harris said about voting: “We understand the importance of people getting out and voting. And they feel so helpless right now but it’s how you help yourself, you help your community, you help your bothers and sisters.” Brandy was all smiles during Harris’ appearance, saying she was “fan-girling” over the Senator-turned-vice presidential nominee.

The session is the first R&B Verzuz battle since Alicia Keys and John Legend went head-to-head on Juneteenth. Fans of Brandy and Monica were buzzing before the event, so much so that Verzuz broke their latest record for the most live viewers. Shortly after the show started, over one million people were tuning into the live battle on Instagram alone.

Watch a clip of Harris on Verzuz above.