Brent Faiyaz’s Confessional ‘WYA’ Single Finds Him Entangled With A No-Good Lover

Any text conversation that begins with “WYA” never leads anywhere good, and Brent Faiyaz knows that better than anyone. The chronically toxic singer gets stuck in a bad relationship — again — on his new single “WYA” (stylized at “WY@”), an acronym for “where you at?” “I can feel them walls closing in,” he croons. “I can feel it all / I’m stuck in your claws / Try to run but I don’t get far.” Although he tries to “take accountability,” he finds himself caught up in a loop of addictive drama — and sending those three little letters that cause so much trouble.

Faiyaz is a little over a year removed from his latest full-length release, 2022’s Wasteland and just wrapped up the US leg of his F*ck The World, It’s A Wasteland Tour before jumping the pond to pick back up in Leeds, England. Although his last album resulted in a successful tour and brought him plenty of acclaim, the Maryland-born singer said that “it’s hard to listen to” because of how personal it is, so it’s good that he’s working on a follow-up as the release of “WYA” seems to indicate.

Check out “WYA” above and stay tuned for more from Brent Faiyaz.