Bryson Tiller Wants To Take A Hiatus From Music And Focus On His Other Passion, Video Game Design

Bryson Tiller is known to take long breaks between albums. But after his upcoming self-titled fourth studio album drops next month, he may take a bit longer. In an interview with Complex, Tiller revealed he plans to take a hiatus from music for a while to pursue his passion — video game design.

“This is probably gonna be my last one for a minute,” said Tiller of the upcoming album. ““I just wanna take a hiatus ’cause my number one passion is video games. I’ve been designing a game for the past three years. I’ve been looking into internships with different companies.”

But not to worry, fans. Tiller says he still plans to meet his fans and visit their cities for the time being. However, following tour, he plans to prioritize his family.

“I want to focus on, number one is getting closer to my daughters,” said Tiller. “My oldest daughter is 10 years old now. I’m tired of telling her I gotta work or I gotta be in the studio and then we can hang out.”

Thankfully, this pivot will allow Tiller to spend time with his loved ones, as he’ll be able to work from anywhere.

“The thing about game design, it’s super cool ’cause I can do it from anywhere. I could be next to her while she’s gaming. It’s just what I love to do and it doesn’t feel like work.”

You can watch a clip from the interview above.

Bryson Tiller is out 4/5 via RCA. Find more information here.