Busta Rhymes Reunites With Mariah Carey In Their Nostalgic ‘Where I Belong’ Video

Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey have reunited in the new video for “Where I Belong,” which picks up where their 2002 video for “I Know What You Want” left off. You may remember how that video ended on a cliffhanger, with an SUV full of masked men rushing Busta’s mansion to the blaring sounds of his It Ain’t Safe No More… album cut “Call The Ambulance.”

“Where I Belong” taps into a similar aesthetic, even replaying the scene as Busta monologues, “The past chases you until it catches you.” The narrative picks up “18 years later” with a cameo from Trippie Redd, who calls up Busta and tells him that he’s found the missing Tae (LaShontae Heckard) and sets off another action-packed clip in which the veteran rapper picks up his old partner Michael Jai White for an assault on a pair of samurai in their pursuit of the missing paramour.

However, as the two would-be saviors learn, things aren’t always as they seem. As the video plays out, Busta and Mariah’s performance sequences cut in to remind viewers of the two stars’ indelible chemistry. The video, which was originally posted to Facebook Watch, has finally found its way to YouTube, prompting a fresh wave of interest.

“Where I Belong” is the latest single from Busta’s recently released Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God, itself a nod to his radio-dominating heyday. Even more nostalgia ensues on prior videos “Outta My Mind” with Bell Biv Devoe, and the Mad magazine-referencing video for “Yuuuu” with Anderson .Paak.

Watch the “Where I Belong” video above.