Frank Ocean And Migos Light Up On Calvin Harris’ Shimmering New Single ‘Slide’

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Calvin Harris has a new crew. After his much publicized split — and collaboration — with former girlfriend pop star Taylor Swift, Harris has got arguably the hottest rap group in the world right now, Migos, and the biggest R&B star, Frank Ocean, to appear on his new single “Slide.”

Ocean’s vocals are velvety smooth, as always, and Migos pop by for a quick verse at different intervals. Plus, the high-pitched, swaggering voice who is sampled and looped throughout is singing in an undeniably Ocean-esque cadence, so I’m gonna guess that’s him as well. Cover art and more details below, stream above courtesy of Apple Music.

As for Harris, he seems to be more than happy to move on. He tweeted both his obvious enjoyment at Ocean’s free agent status, and earlier shared a reflection on how he wants all the music he makes this year to make you feel “f*cking incredible.”

Even if Harris is one of the biggest EDM stars in the world, it’s still a pretty big deal that Ocean would appear on the track for him, and suggests the two probably have a friendship. A feature from the reclusive Frank Ocean isn’t easily won, but in this case we’re all winners, because ever since snippets of the song have been popping up, it’s been clear it will be a massive summer jam.

If you don’t have Apple Music you can still buy the track on iTunes here.