Cardi B And Chance The Rapper Are Convinced That Donald Trump Will Be Re-Elected

Despite being an avid Bernie Sanders supporter, Cardi B is certain that Donald Trump will be re-elected, as is Chance The Rapper. Wednesday, the two appeared on T.I.s podcast ExpediTIously . The trio appears on Netflix’s original series Rhthym + Flow together, where they serve as judges looking for the next big thing in hip-hop.

In what appeared to be a soft media cycle appearance for their show, Cardi B and Chance The Rapper’s appearance on T.I.’s podcast quickly turned into a political discussion: “The reason that we keep getting Presidents that we don’t want is because we keep getting tricked into thinking we have a choice,” Chance said. “I totally believe — and y’all can quote me on this a couple years down the line — I think Trump is going to win again at the next election because he’s got the biggest base.”

Cardi B doubled down on Chance’s statement: “I really hate to say it, but sometimes I do believe that Trump will be winning (the election),” Cardi said. “Just because due to the fact that every single time I don’t see nobody saying that they love a Democratic candidate. There’s no candidate that people are saying we love, we want them to win.”

You can listen to Cardi and Chance’s full episode on T.I.’s podcast here.

The trio of judges recently appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to promote their show as well.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.