Cardi B And Keith Lee Finally Sampled Burgers In A Long-Awaited Food Review Collab, And One Got A Perfect Rating

There are food critics, and then there is Keith Lee. The TikTok sensation has amassed 16 million followers across the platform and 700 million video impressions. Although Lee doesn’t claim to be a food critic, his stamp of approval can skyrocket any culinary establishment.

As Congress debates banning the app in the US, he managed to snag a collaborative video with Cardi B. Yesterday (March 18), the pair’s long-awaited joint review of good old-fashioned burgers. The “Enough (Miami)” rapper’s love for cheeseburgers is well documented. If you need the proof, look no further than her McDonald’s meal with her husband and fellow rapper Offset.

The clip opens with a disclaimer from Cardi to let viewers know her thoughts on the Los Angeles, California, culinary scene. “Y’all know how I feel about LA food,” she said. “It’s not my favorite.”

That’s where Lee’s list of recommendations comes into play. As the duo taste-tests selections from Eat Street Burgers, Cardi finds herself eating her words. After the first bite, Cardi was in carnivore heaven. Earlier, she claimed to have had the best burgers ever while visiting Colombia, but the LA restaurant’s jalapeno burger was reminiscent of her hometown classic—a chopped cheese.

Despite calling the burger “perfect,” Cardi’s official rating was a 9 out of 10. It looks like Cardi could come around to love LA food after all. Next up, a British food do-over.

Watch the full video below.


Try these LA burgers with me

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