Cardi B Celebrates Kulture’s 4th Birthday With Matching Mermaid Costumes

Go figure Cardi B’s daughter Kulture would choose an aquatic theme for her fourth birthday party. It’s kind of ironic considering that the mother-daughter duo was recently featured on an episode of Baby Shark’s Big Show! — Kulture’s fave, of course — on which Cardi debuted the kid-friendly “Seaweed Sway.” The pair became another kind of sea creature for the party, donning matching mermaid-inspired outfits in photos from the festivities Cardi posted on Instagram (Cardi’s look is, naturally, a little more risque).

The birthday blowouts Cardi and her husband Offset have thrown for their firstborn have become the stuff of entertainment industry legend. For Kulture’s first birthday, the couple reportedly dropped $400,000 — on what, we can only guess — but it appears they have gotten a little more frugal over time. Last year, they “only” spent $150,000 on a gift, giving fans a little more insight into the princess-themed party in response to fan backlash against what appeared to be an age-inappropriate present. Neighbors even called the police on Kulture’s second birthday party, but to be fair, that was during a pandemic.

But let’s be honest; the real beneficiary here is Wave, because Cardi and ‘Set are really going to have to go overboard (no pun intended) on his parties now that they’ve set the bar so high.

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