Someone Put Viola Davis In The ‘WAP’ Video, And Cardi And Meg Both Love It

Cardi B’s video for “WAP” has become an NSFW sensation, with fans sharing, debating, and meme-ing their favorite parts. There’s even a petition to have Kylie Jenner removed from the video and replaced with a different star, with fans suggesting everyone from Saweetie to Betty White. One suggestion took on a life of its own, as an edited screenshot of from video turned Kylie Jenner into Viola Davis, prompting fans to run wild with the new theme: “How To Get Away With WAP.”

Naturally, the silly idea took hold and went viral, but along the way, it earned one unexpected fan: Viola Davis herself, who jovially wondered, “Who did this?” When fans took it a step further, playing off the video’s built-in mystery element — Cardi and Meg wandering the halls of a surrealist mansion, peeking behind doors to find cameos from Normani, Rosalía, Rubi Rose, and Sukihana — Davis loved it even more. The clip is edited to make it appear as if one of the doors reveals a drunken Annalise Keating from How To Get Away With Murder dancing alone in a room. Not only does it fit the theme of the original video, but Davis’ inebriated two-step is surprisingly well-time to the song itself.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Cardi herself to see the tweets, adding her own commentary: “I’m so fan out right now ya don’t even know,” she gushed. Meg couldn’t even put her hilarity into words, electing to go with a string of crying laughing emoji as her response.

With even US Congressmen weighing in on the song, it looks like Cardi B is once again the star of the moment in hip-hop and well on her way to yet another No.1 single to add to her ever growing collection.

Watch the fan-made “How To Get Away With WAP” clip above.

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