Cardi B Is Challenging Her Husband Offset To A Live Rap Battle Over Christmas Decorations

At noon on November 29, the rap battle of the year will take place for higher stakes than any other so far. And while that may seem like a big claim to make in a year where Drake and Pusha T, Eminem and MGK, and even Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez traded lyrical darts, this one has a component none of the others do: A high-stakes bet between husband and wife.

Cardi B took to her Instagram to issue the challenge to husband Offset, declaring the terms and the battleground — the social media app TikTok — along with the terms of the bet. The loser has to pay for all their Christmas decorations for both of their homes in New York and Atlanta.

While they both have plenty of money to manage it, it still seems like it won’t be a small task, as rappers are almost certain to have to be just as ostentatious decorating their homes for Christmas as they do, well, everything else. Just based on how elaborate Offset’s collection of chains usually is, there’s no doubt that their trees and eaves will also be covered in drip.

Tune in on the TikTok app on Thursday to see if Offset takes up the challenge — and if he’s willing to throw the fight in interest of keeping the peace. After all, to paraphrase another competitive couple, all’s fair in love and battle rap.