Cardi B Promoted Her Reebok Collection With A Hilariously Raunchy Description

Cardi B is already well-known and loved for doing things her own way, whether it’s making hit singles about the power of female sexuality, or lamenting the influence of Peppa Pig on her daughter, the Bronx rapper always keeps it as real as can be. That hasn’t changed at all as Cardi enters the world of fashion and brand collaborations, as she’s been promoting her line of classic Reebok sweatsuits.

The vintage-inspired suits are size-inclusive, something else that has been important to Cardi in the past, and is probably even more top of mind after her most recent collaboration with Lizzo on “Rumors” sparked a slew of hateful, fatphobic backlash. Cardi supported Lizzo through her tearful reaction to those hateful comments, and is letting women of all sizes know that

“If you got a fat ass p*ssy or you got a boney p*ssy with some grip DONT worry momma BARDI got you !!! I made this collection Witt everybody body shapes in mine !!!!!
@Reebok,” the rapper wrote on Twitter yesterday of the collection. Her hilariously raunchy description is actually addressing something important though. The “City Fierce” collection is available in both straight size and plus size, something that has finally become a priority in fashion over the last few years. Check out the full collection here.