Casanova Says He Won’t ‘Kick Tekashi 69 While He’s Down’ Despite Their Contentious Beef

Tekashi 69 may have alienated the vast majority of the hip-hop world when he testified against his former associates in the Nine Trey Blood crew that used him as a cash cow during his rise to stardom, but there’s one surprising name that won’t be added to the chorus of voices criticizing him. Brooklyn rapper Casanova, with whom 69 famously had beef that escalated into on of the violent episodes for which he was charged, told Ebro Darden on Beats 1 that he wishes Tekashi the best and won’t “kick him while he’s down.”

When Ebro asked Casanova to posit a rationale behind Tekashi’s testimony — which included famous names like Cardi B, the Diplomats’ Jim Jones, and Trippie Redd — Cas gae a collected response. “That’s just part of a plea deal, man,” he said. “When you in the feds, and you go left, you gotta tell them everything you ever did in your life that’s a crime. That’s called a debriefing. I don’t care what he did, or what he tend to do… He can’t tell on me because the whole world knows what happened to us.”

He also extended some rare empathy, given how he was once standing on the wrong end of public approval himself — ironically, in part, because of Tekashi. “I’m not gonna kick him while he’s down, because everybody in this f*cking industry left me for dead… Everybody. If you go back to your shit, you still got like 10,000 Ls on your f*cking sh*t. I never saw so much Ls under my sh*t… Nobody was f*cking with me.”

Cas lays the blame for 69’s popularity squarely at the feet of the mercurial public that now looks to denounce him, saying that he won’t be goaded or pressured into doing the same. When asked if he believes Tekashi will maintain his popularity, he replies in the affirmative, because he doesn’t believe anyone would kill a federal informant. “I wish everybody the best,” he says. “I’m speaking about my scars, he’s gonna have to speak about his.”