Chance The Rapper Will Give The 2018 Commencement Speech For Dillard University

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Chance The Rapper will continue to inspire the next generation when he delivers this year’s commencement address at Dillard University in New Orleans next month. Dillard president Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough loves the Chicago born, Coloring Book artist for all the reasons you do: his independent streak, his activism, his faith and his Sesame Street-friendly image, among others.

“He’s not signed but a multiple Grammy winner,” Kimbrough said in a statement. “He’s the artist your grandmother would love.” It’s worth noting that Kimbrough, a southwest Atlanta native, has long described himself as the “Hip-Hop Prez.” He has tried to book Chance for the past two years, as he was teaching a class on ethics and hip-hop. Janelle Monae delivered 2017’s commencement address at Dillard.

Before his surprise cameo in Cardi B’s debut album Invasion Of Privacy, Chance The Rapper hosted an open mic benefitting Chicago Public Schools that featured Big Sean as a surprise guest. Before that, Heineken swiftly pulled its “Sometimes Lighter Is Better” campaign for Heineken LIght after Chance called the ads “terribly racist.”

More than 200 graduates will see Chance the Rapper speak on Saturday, May 12. For a delightful indication of what to expect, watch students react to Kimbrough’s announcement at Dillard’s official website.