Chance The Rapper Hosts ‘The Late Late Show,’ Performs With Taylor Bennett, And Interviews Lil Nas X

The Late Late Show is in the midst of a run of special guest hosts, because James Corden is temporarily away from the show while filming a movie. So far, the roster of fill-ins has been pretty musical, with Alicia Keys and Harry Styles each getting a shot to run the show. Monday night was Chance The Rapper’s turn, and naturally, his guest-hosting gig was pretty musical.

One of his guests was Lil Nas X, and Chance congratulated him on his tremendously successful year and asked him about how he’s able to go out in public given his newfound fame. Lil Nas X then told a story about a time he went to Walmart with his family, and did so while wearing a giant chicken head costume in order to go incognito.

Chance also shared a special moment with his brother Taylor Bennett: The two shared the stage and performed “Roo,” from Chance’s The Big Day. The two sat side-by-side on white stools, performing their parts of the song as video clips from their childhoods played behind them. Chance and his guests also played a round of “Nuzzle Whaaa?,” during which everybody, while blindfolded, was tasked with rubbing their heads against objects and trying to figure out what they’re touching.

Watch clips from the show above and below.