Soulja Boy Tops Off ‘White Boy Summer’ By Signing Chet Hanks To His Record Label

Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, has certainly had his fair share of viral moments this past year. Between ranting about the COVID vaccine, declaring this summer as “White Boy Summer,” and sliding into Adele’s DMs, the oftentimes cringe-worthy and controversial celebrity has surprising still found the time to work on his music (yes, he’s also a rapper). His work has certainly paid off as Soulja Boy just named Hanks the newest addition to his SODMG Records label.

Soulja and Hanks broke the news in a joint video posted to Instagram. Soulja said Hanks is the first rapper signed to SODMG this year, and they apparently have big plans. “It’s going down,” Soulja Boy said in the announcement. “We about to make history.”

Of course, Hanks isn’t alone when it comes to viral moments this year. His now-business partner Soulja has also been making headlines recently. Just last week, the rapper went viral when someone on Instagram shared a video accusing him of buying fake jewelry at the mall. Soulja wasn’t happy about the accusations, so he invited the user to join him on Instagram Live. The conversation quickly became heated, with Soulja continuously insisting the jewelry was genuine. “That mothaf*cka $35,000. The Rollie $30,000. Everything over there real,” Soulja said. “They sell real ice in the mall, clout chasin’ ass p*ssy ass.”