Chika’s Emotional ‘Requiem For A Dream’ Is An Honest Confession Of Her State Of Mind

After a scary brush with some dark thoughts and a subsequent social media hiatus, Chika has returned with new music. Her new song is called “Requiem For A Dream,” and like the film from which it takes its name, the song finds Chika dwelling on her disturbed mental state. She discusses her feeling of alienation and insecurity, as well as her encounters with online fans whose comments and critiques set her off in the past.

While the former XXL Freshman was going through a rough patch, last year, she started to bounce back, securing a slot to perform at LA Pride alongside Anitta and Syd. Things are far from perfect, however; as recently as earlier this week, a cranky Chika complained about a minor inconvenience on Twitter and saw her mentions turn into a wall of censure from commenters who deplored her grousing and its unseemly metaphors.

With a new song out, now might be the time for Chika to turn the keys over to a professional account manager, because “Requiem For A Dream” sounds as sharp as she’s ever been, and with the proper application of her creativity, the sky’s the limit for the young rapper. She’s just got to learn which thoughts are worth sharing — and to make sure they always come with a beat.

Listen to “Requiem For A Dream” above.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.