Chloe X Halle’s Latest Virtual Performance Has Fans Buzzing

Chloe X Halle had a breakout year thanks to their viral single “Do It” and penchant for turning their backyard into one of music’s hottest stages as live entertainment turned to live streaming in response to the ongoing pandemic. Each of their performances has drawn more attention and discussion to the duo, but their latest has completely upended the discourse about them. Video of the sister act’s appearance on Verizon’s all-female series of virtual concerts prompted a trending topic on Twitter as fans were blown away by their virtuoso vocal display — and Chloe’s exuberant choreography.

Incidentally, the concert footage was initially only available to Verizon Up members, but once enterprising fans began to upload their screen captures, the clips quickly took on a life of their own. However, while much of the discussion was positive, some fans took the opportunity to suggest the sisters go solo, while others shot down their accusations that Halle is “holding Chloe back.”

Meanwhile, other fans were just extremely here for Chloe’s energetic performance, contrasting her super low squats with Halle’s relatively demure posing.

From once being told that their music was “too complex for the average ear” to Chloe X Halle to releasing a fan-and-critics-favorite album that launched them to superstardom, this year has been a good one for the young Beyonce proteges.

See the reactions to their Verizon Up performance above.