Chloe Bailey Had To Ether A Guy Who Claimed She Came On To Him In High School

Since the release of her debut solo single, “Have Mercy,” the world has been falling in love with Chloe Bailey. Well, that’s not entirely true, she was already beloved as one half of Chloe x Halle, and her “Buss It” challenge turned quite a few heads as well. But now that she’s clearly gaining confidence in her own sexuality, and finding her voice, it’s been a joy to watch Chloe come into her own. Everyone from random internet commentators to Cardi B herself is repeatedly floored when the elder Bailey sister drops a new photo series, and even rising rapper Gunna seems intent on getting to know her better.

So look, can we really blame a man on the internet for pretending that he was once sought after by the young diva? It’s pretty understandable that someone would want to claim that they’d known her in the past, and even embellish a little bit by claiming she was interested. That’s likely what was motivating a guy who decided to share his own version of events — that Chloe tried to talk to him in high school, but that he saw her star power, and he encouraged her to work on her career instead of focusing on a humble man such as himself. Except, our girl had to crush his dreams hard by quote tweeting his fantasy and setting the record straight: She was homeschooled in high school. When you’re learning at home, there’s very little room for flirting. Like zero. As Keke Palmer would say, sorry to this man! Chloe had to ether him. Nas would be proud.

For his part, the man in question seems to be doing just fine with his fantasy world.