Chlöe And Missy Elliott’s ‘Told Ya’ Is Here And Fans Are ‘In Pieces’ Waiting For The Full Video

After paying tribute to the iconic producer and recording artist Missy Elliott at the 2023 Recording Academy Honors Gala, Chlöe’s collaboration with Elliott is now available across streaming platforms. The song titled “Told Ya,” featured on the singer’s debut solo album, In Pieces, is specifically aimed at the haters.

The Praise This actress tries not to address the naysayers. Well, so long as it isn’t tied to her sister Halle Bailey. But as Chlöe sings, “I thought I told you that I’m the sh*t / You must not know who you f*ckin’ with / I thought I told you that I’m the one (Uh) / All of you hoes, get up off my D (Woah) / I thought I told you that I’ma win / I thought I told you that I’m a ten / I thought I told you I never lose / I can see now that you’re listenin’,” she uses the track as her official clap back reminiscent of Kelly Rowland’s 2007 track “Like This.”

Although the official visualizer leaves much to be desired, knowing Elliott and seeing Chlöe’s series of recently released visuals, when the time does come to film an official video we’re sure they will knock it out of the park.

When discussing the inspiration behind the album’s cover, Chlöe took to Instagram to write, “I saw a photo of a porcelain doll 3 years ago, holding her heart just like this, and from then, I said this will be my album cover… that same day I also wrote ‘Heart On My Sleeve.’ The beginning of a scary and exciting journey for me,” adding, “This cover represents so much for me, down to the color of my hair when I had the red hair 1.5 years ago, it was one of the darkest times in my life that’s why I never wore it again. It reminded me too much of the pain that I was going through at that moment, and I didn’t want any reminders.”

Watch the official visualizer for “Told Ya” above.

In Pieces is out now via Parkwood/Columbia. For more information, click here.