Chloe x Halle Showcase Their Soaring Melodies In A Soothing Tiny Desk Concert

Though Chloe x Halle had put out their debut album The Kids Are Alright in 2018, 2020 was undoubtedly their breakout year. The sister duo put out their mature LP Ungodly Hour this year and ever since, they’ve been getting some major gigs. They’ve performed on various late-night talk shows and awards ceremonies, and they were even tapped to sing the National Anthem at an NFL kickoff. Now concluding a whirlwind year, Chloe x Halle brings their slow-burning music to NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series.

Seated on a not-so-tiny desk, Chloe x Halle harmonized their soaring melodies backed by a full band and a string section. They kicked things off with their track “Don’t Make It Harder On Me” before moving into “Baby Girl,” which they wrote as a reminder that “whatever happens it will be okay.” Finally, they rounded off their set with “Do It,” “Ungodly Hour,” and “Wonder What She Thinks Of Me.”

While their Tiny Desk concert capped off a busy year for the two, Chloe x Halle recently revealed that they were criticized for their “complex” sound before being signed by Beyonce’s record label. Speaking to The Guardian, Chloe said, “People would tell us what we were creating was too complex for the average ear. I feel like that’s so not cool to tell two young creatives who are pushing the boundaries, especially when we’re in a world where everything’s so manufactured exactly the same.”

Watch Chloe x Halle’s Tiny Desk performance above.

Ungodly Hour is out now via Parkwood Entertainment. Get it here.