Coco Jones And Justin Timberlake Grapple With Mixed Emotions On Their ‘ICU Remix’

Last fall, multihyphenate Coco Jones released “ICU,” which proved to be a breakthrough song for her. On the song, she grapples with the idea of leaving a man whom she loves, as she feels she can no longer live with him. Painting painfully relatable imagery through her music, Jones is caught between a rock and a hard place, struggling with the idea of having to let go of someone she loves.

All of these emotions become even more complex on the new remix of the R&B hit, on which Justin Timberlake adds a new verse.

“Since you’ve been gone, everything been a mess / You’ve got a hold on this thing in my chest, babe / But I won’t settle for anything less but you / You know that our chemistry make up the set / So let’s make up, put it to the bed / In the morning, we wake up and do it again,” he sings on his verse.

Fans of Jones, the singer and Bel Air actress, have often praised her ability to craft timeless songs, delivering fresh-sounding vocals on instrument-driven tracks. With the addition of Timberlake, the song maintains a special je ne sais quoi similar to that of early aughts pop-R&B.

You can listen to “ICU (Remix)” above.