DaBaby Got Sporty For A Performance Of His New Track ‘Ball If I Want To’ At The BET Awards

When DaBaby isn’t getting into a Twitter flame up with Megan Thee Stallion over a “retweet” — aka about “Skat,” his new collaboration with Tory Lanez who is person non grata with Megan after he shot her — he’s still one of the most popular rappers of the year. He doubled down on recent success with a sporty performance of “Ball If I Want To,” one of his new solo singles from 2021. The track is one of his newest releases, followed up by another new single, “Red Light Green Light.”

Though the lyrics reference balling out whenever he wants, the performance played into the sporty side of the phrase and featured the North Carolina native sporting his very own letterman jacket while he performed, athletes dunking in hoops and cheerleaders twerking around him. Not to mention a cartoonish looking mascot of a giant baby dancing along during the set. No sly camera work cut around to get a read on Megan Thee Stallion’s reaction to the performance, if she’s in the audience watching it, but odds are these two will be staying very far away from each other tonight. Or maybe they’ll meet up and find a way to squash the beef? Either way, it doesn’t seem like DaBaby is losing any sleep over the drama. Check out his performance above.