Doja Cat Puts Her Haters On Notice With Her New Single, ‘Balut’

Doja Cat’s new album, Scarlet, drops next week — but tonight (September 15), she’s shared a scorching new single. Her latest, “Balut,” features her addressing rumors about herself, and setting herself apart from her peers in the game.

On “Balut,” Doja dismisses the rumors about drug use and reminds the haters of her fire pen game that got her this far.

“Is it coke? Is it crack? Is it meth? / What the f*ck do she put in them hits? / I’m the sh*t, you a real piece of sh*t / I am needed, you a real needy b*tch I’m competing, you are incompetent,” raps Doja on one of the song’s verses, over a downtempo, lo-fi beat.

On the song’s chorus, she lets us know just how easily this rap game comes to her. “It’s like taking candy from a baby,” she says.

While this particular album era has proven controversial for Doja, her talent has shown to outweigh her antics. Scarlet’s second single, “Paint The Town Red,” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, making it the first rap song to top the charts in 2023.

You can listen to “Balut” above.

Scarlet is out 9/22. Find more information here.