Doja Cat Shows Off Her ‘First Tattoo Ever’ And Fans Can’t Help But Admire The ‘Artwork’

While Doja Cat has been recovering from having throat surgery, she’s been active on social media, using her accounts to keep fans up to date on her life offstage. Fortunately for them, the thing she’s most known for outside of music is her hilariously trollish online antics. She’s also an expert thirst trapper, and her latest post combines both interests into a funny but enticing twofer.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Doja showed off her “first ever tattoo” via a mirror selfie. Wearing a revealing string bikini (along with a cowboy hat and kitten heels, for some reason) and posing strategically to show off the new “ink” on her bum, Doja’s new post turned out to be cheeky in more ways than one. In the next slide, she zooms in to reveal that the classic, heart-shaped tattoo, which reads “Sex Goddess,” is just a temporary one… but I don’t think that’s what most folks were paying the most attention to in the first place. The comments on the post reveal her followers’ affection for the “artwork,” although there’s plenty of attention for the kitten heels too.

I’m sure Doja appreciates this attention more than the scrutiny she’s gotten over the last couple of weeks after she DMed Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp to ask him for his co-star Joseph Quinn’s contact info.