Here’s Doja Cat In A Full Gecko Costume, Discussing A Celsius-Fueled Beef She Nearly Got Into

Doja Cat, more than most people in her shoes, likes to get silly and have fun. Case in point: She recently guested on The Therapy Gecko Podcast, in which a man in a gecko costume (non-therapist comedian Lyle Drescher) fields calls from viewers/listeners (the show is recorded live on Twitch). Doja went full-boar, too, putting on her own gecko costume.

In one clip from the show, Drescher asks Doja if she likes Celsius, the caffeinated energy drink brand. She explained that she “just can’t drink it” and that the beverage nearly got her into a feud. She explained, “I was singing a song and doing a voice of somebody else with the… I filmed myself doing the song in a crazy voice, and it was my really bad impression of that person. And people took it super wrong. They thought that I was trying to cause drama and issues, when really I was just being a f*cking asshole. I was being dumb.”

Elsewhere during the chat, Doja also revealed that the title of an upcoming deluxe edition of Scarlet will be titled Scarlet 2: Claude Frollo, named after the character from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

In a 2023 interview, Drescher explained the origin of his offbeat show, saying, “I started streaming myself on Reddit as a gecko taking phone calls, and the streams would go on to the front page of Reddit. My expectation was that I would be living here and my mom’s basement doing this forever, but it has gone much better than I thought it would.”