Doja Cat Seemed To Tease That A ‘Scarlet’ Deluxe Album Could Be Released Soon With A Working Tracklist

This week, rap fans have showered Doja Cat with praise following her guest verses on tracks “Jeezu” and “N.H.I.E.” Even Jay-Z weighed in on Doja Cat’s artistry, giving his stamp of approval regarding her lyrical abilities. Following the unexpected wave of support, Doja Cat took to her official Instagram page to hint that she has plenty more intricate bars to dish out.

On January 13, in an Instagram Story upload, Doja Cat teased that the deluxe edition of her Scarlet album could be released soon. The photograph posted on her page was of a whiteboard outlining a working playlist for the project. Fans better brace themselves if this is a taste of what’s to come.

Instead of adding one or two new songs, it seems as if the forthcoming project would feature seven new records (“Acknowledge Me,” “Head High,” “Gang,” “Masc,” “Rider,” Urrrge,” and “Hungry”).

Doja Cat Scarlet 2 Instagram Story tracklist

One fan online pointed out that Doja Cat still has other leftover tracks that could easily be considered for the album. “Just please let ‘Shots’ & ‘Whip’ be added too,” they wrote.

Rather than adhering to the traditional deluxe album format, with seven new records and two older options up for grabs, Doja Cat can craft an entirely new body of work, taking a page out of SZA’s playbook. But Doja Cat supporters will want to take this teaser with a grain of salt, especially considering how many revisions Scarlet underwent before it was shared with the world.