Doja Cat Went On Another Tweet Spree, Flip-Flopping Over Whether To ‘Quit Music’

Doja Cat’s fans are anxiously waiting for her next album, but her Twitter account is its own art form. Credit where credit is due: Doja Cat doesn’t delete tweets. She does the opposite. She piles them one by one until a thread is so layered that you can’t remember which tweet started it all.

When someone mocked Doja’s decision to undergo surgical procedures such as breast reduction and liposuction, she clapped back with, “eat my long quiet and warm farts.” And on Saturday, April 8, Doja tweeted screenshots of audio files and vaguely warned “no more pop.”

Of course, that wasn’t the end.

The following night, Doja went on a tweet spree. You need to go on the chronological journey to get the full experience:

Within all of that, Doja claimed her forthcoming album is “called Moist Holes” before immediately retracting with “Jk.” Then, “I quit music” followed immediately by — you guessed it — “jk” followed by “no I’m serious I quit music” and “jk I’m not. relax.” Ultimately, Doja assured her followers that she’s going to “finish this album y’all don’t worry.”

If it’s true that Doja Cat is still flip-flopping on her album’s title, she should definitely consider Never Boring.