Donald Glover Teases A Childish Gambino Tour And Reveals A Couple Things About The Run

With Donald Glover devoting much of his energy to acting in recent years, the future of his music as Childish Gambino has remained uncertain. There has been some clarity lately, though: Earlier this month, Glover broke down his plan for his final two albums as Childish Gambino. Now he has shared even more about what his upcoming Gambino goings-on will entail.

During a recent GILGA Radio broadcast, an advertisement-style announcement said, “Childish Gambino New World Tour this summer. Coming to an arena near you. Are you ready?” Glover later shared an Instagram post about it, featuring a simple graphic for The New World Tour and a link to a website, There, there’s an email sign-up form to be updated with more information when it becomes available.

So, to summarize: What we know about the tour right now is that it’s called The New World Tour, it will take place in arenas, and it’s set to kick off this summer. Dates and information about tickets have yet to be revealed.

Elsewhere during that same broadcast, Glover teased two new songs, one featuring Kanye West and the other featuring Kid Cudi. As NME notes, the Kudi collab is called “Warlords” and previously leaked in 2021.