Drake Consoled A Fan At His ‘It’s All A Blur Tour’ By Condemning His Cheating Girlfriend

“Seen you from the stage in the 100s / Must be eagle eyes,” Drake rapped in his and Central Cee’s On The Radar freestyle, and it wasn’t an empty line. Drake sees everything while on stage for his It’s All A Blur Tour, from a human-sized bra and sleeping, Yeezy-wearing attendee to a handwritten sign.

“This man been holding this sign up all night. I gotta read it,” Drake said in a clip circulated by Our Generation Music over the weekend, presumably from one of his It’s All A Blur Tour stops in San Francisco, California. “This man got a sign that says, ‘My girlfriend cheated on me; she was supposed to be here with me tonight.'”

Drake leaned over and asked the sign-holder for his girlfriend’s — or, ex-girlfriend’s? — name. After a back-and-forth, Drake was confused as to whether her name is Scarlett or Starlet, “like the strip clubs.” The man wrote her name down to confirm it is, indeed, Scarlett. Once that was cleared up, Drake instructed the crowd to shout “Sorry, Scarlett!” on the count of three, and then he added, “Sorry, Scarlett. You can’t be cheating on my dawg like that.”

The It’s All A Blur Tour is headed to Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Monday (August 21) and Tuesday (August 22). See all of the remaining dates here.