Drake Clapped Back At The LA Clippers’ Shade After They Beat The Toronto Raptors: ‘Win A Ring’

While he may be a self-proclaimed certified lover boy, rap superstar Drake receives plenty of hate in the sports world. Whether he’s pissing off Barcelona soccer club fans or scarring Argentina soccer club fans after playing a bet on the team to win the world cup, it seems the Drake curse, at least in sports, is real.

After attending his hometown team, the Toronto Raptors game versus the Los Angeles Clippers, the curse streak continued. Following their loss at home, the opposing team took to social media to rub it in.

On Instagram, the basketball team shared a clip in which the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper cheerfully greeted the Clippers’ shooting guard Norman Powell and former Raptor-now-Clipper Kawhi Leonard. In the caption, the team wrote, “Kawhi and Norm with a fan.”

Despite being a fan of the pair, the sport, and even having his own recreational league, Drake didn’t take kindly to not being mentioned by name. After the post was uploaded, he quickly jumped into the comment section to write, “Win a ring,” referring to the franchise’s lack of championship wins. In contrast, the Raptors took home their first championship ring in 2019 — ironically, with Kawhi starting at small forward. He left for the Clippers the next season.