Drake Drops $100,000 On Rings Commemorating His Rec League Basketball Championship

One of the best things about Drake — or worst, depending on how you look at it — is how he romanticizes practically everything about his life. His son’s finger painting is the next Picasso, he envisions himself as a smooth player from the 1970s complete with a shag cut, and he treats his rec league basketball championships like the NBA. In short, he does what I fully believe most of us would do with his kind of money. The real sticking point is that he chooses to show it all off, which is pretty revolutionary, in its way.

And when I say he celebrated his back-to-back Sanctuary Basketball League championships as if they were NBA ones, I mean he really went all-out. According to Complex, Drake apparently had championship rings made for his team at $100,000 per ring. He’s shown them off via his Instagram Story, while the jeweler, Jason Arasheben of Beverly Hills, provided the details, as well as a statement:

As someone who wishes I could play ball professionally I respect Drake for making his dream a reality with his own league. We always have a good time when we work together and it has been fun working on these championship rings with him for the last three years. Drake had a clear vision of what he wanted and we worked really well together to make that happen. I enjoy the challenge of telling the story of the season and incorporating everything into the design and onto a ring, while still using as many diamonds as possible.

Drake contracted Jason for his rec league previous championship in 2020, paying $50,000 per ring, as well as one for the Toronto Raptors’ 2019 NBA championship. Check out this year’s rings below.

Drake shows off his championship ring after winning the SBL Rec Basketball League