Drakeo The Ruler Is ‘Too Icey’ To Worry About Minor Problems In His New Video

Drakeo The Ruler is living his best life now that he’s back on the outside. With yet another new project, The Truth Hurts, in the works for 2021, he is too busy enjoying his recently restored freedom to worry about life’s minor problems. That’s the theme of his laid-back new single, “Too Icey,” which arrived today with a video depicting Drakeo savoring the finer things — namely, Southern California’s fresh air, a brand-new Rolls-Royce, and a bottle of Tropicana apple juice in the cupholder.

The blend of high-low aesthetics — Drakeo’s regular-guy posturing at a gas station with a car full of snacks and his phone on the charger contrasts nicely with his to-the-socks Supreme ‘fit and luxury automobile — is part of Drakeo’s appeal. He’s a gangster rapper who readily admits his gritty tales are at least partly made-up and maintains a pretty low profile despite his classy flexes. The car is aspirational but the rapper in it is relatable.

He’s also a workaholic, releasing a nonstop stream of new singles and projects since he was declared free from the corrupt LA County penal system just after election day in 2020. Even when he was inside he never stopped working; his album Thank You For Using GTL, recorded on the phone from Men’s Central Jail, was one of 2020’s most impressive and innovative projects.

Watch the “Too Icey” video above.