Eminem Reveals He Swapped Songs With Dr. Dre In Order To Get Their ‘Guns Blazing’ Collab

After letting fans sit with his Music To Be Murdered By – Side B deluxe album for a few weeks, Eminem stopped by Shade 45 to share some stories and inspiration behind some of its songs. The discussion occurred during a playback of the deluxe album and when “Guns Blazing” with Dr. Dre and Sly Paper came on, Eminem shared an interesting story about how the song came together.

That was actually a record that I stole from Dre. Cause he was sending me music and he kept sending me sh*t and every time he sends I’m like, “Yo this one’s crazier than the last one.” I don’t even know which one is the craziest one. He sends me [“Guns Blazing”] with his verse and hook and I was like, “Yo, I gotta jump on this sh*t.”

The Detroit rapper then goes on to say that the swap that occurred for “Guns Blazing” was not the first time he and Dre traded songs. “We actually traded a couple of times cause I did a couple of other songs and I’m like ‘Yo you can that one that I just sent you if I can have that one,’ and we kinda swapped a little bit,” he said. “It’s very personal. That’s a very personal song.”

Other highlights from Eminem’s Shade 45 appearance included a breakdown of his Snoop Dogg diss on “Zeus” and his thoughts on cancel culture. You can hear Eminem discuss “Guns Blazing” at the 15-minute mark in the video above.