Eminem And New Shady Records Signee Ez Mil Drop ‘Realest’ And Take Direct Aim At Their Doubters

Later in the month, hip-hop will formally celebrate its 50th anniversary. The genre still has so much room to grow, and Eminem, alongside Dr. Dre, are doing the work to usher in the next generation of talent. Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment’s latest signee Ez Mil is the byproduct of their cultivation.

Ez Mil’s new single, “Realest,” is his bold debut on the label and Eminem lends his masterful lyrical abilities. On the track, both emcees aim at everyone that has ever doubted their standing within rap. Eminem clapped back at naysayers claiming he doesn’t belong on the top rappers’ list, including Melle Mel in his stanza.

“Guess I’ve really no right to complain much hip hop has been good to me huh / But when they say that I’m only top five ’cause I’m white why would I be stunned / My skin color’s still working against me (What) ’cause second I should be to none / Being white ain’t why they put me at five (Nope) it’s why they can’t put me at one (Whoot),” Eminem raps.

In the chorus, Ez turns his attention to anyone jealous of the co-sign he received from Eminem and Dr. Dre, rapping, “Cause I’m the realest in the business and everybody gon’ be envious of my beginnings / Got a circus for the sinners with bodies, so stop tryna be another addition.”

Listen to “Realest” above.