The Chainsmokers’ Exuberant ‘SNL’ Performance Of ‘Paris’ Is Basically A Remix

Yesterday, pop music’s foremost DJ duo The Chainsmokers released their debut album, Memories… Do Not Open, and tonight they were the musical guests on SNL to perform tracks off that album. On a set that was littered with neon lights and graffiti, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall were joined by Emily Warren for a rendition of the album’s lead single “Paris.”

Of course, these are the same guys who claim they’re not assholes, they just play them, and decided to brag about their collective dick size in an infamous Billboard cover story, so the current critical consensus has been fairly negative when it comes to the band’s rollout of their debut full-length.

Back when “Paris” first came out, I was begrudgingly a fan, but as more singles were released, the more they grew on me. Eventually, this album became a full-fledged favorite of mine, and I wrote about how and why here.

As far as the SNL performance goes though, it was heads and shoulders above a fairly disastrous VMA’s set from last summer, and proves that they can pull off a TV show with flying colors. In fact, this version of “Paris” was so different from the album version it was basically a remix — and the drummer f*cking killed it. Watch it above and check out their other song from the set, a dissection of toxic relationships called “Break Up Every Night” here.

Memories… Do Not Open is out now. Get it here.