The Chainsmokers Bring Every Toxic Relationship You’ve Ever Been In To ‘SNL’ With ‘Break Up Every Night’

Earlier tonight The Chainsmokers kicked off their SNL performance with their debut album’s lead single, “Paris” — but the catch is they performed a version so different it was basically a remix. To follow that up, they chose another track off their new album, Memories… Do Not Open, which came out yesterday, “Break Up Every Night.”

Unlike “Something Just Like This, “Paris,” and “The One,” most fans probably haven’t heard this song unless they listened to the album yesterday when it came out. It’s the second track on the record, and pristine pop distillation of the most toxic relationship you’ve ever been in — AKA it’s a track you will love to run your rage out to on the treadmill.

For SNL Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall slyly swapped out the lyric “f*ck me back to life” with “bring me back to life,” which doesn’t do much to alter the overall message of the song — breaking up every night and then having makeup sex may be thrilling, but it’s toxic AF. Of course, the woman in the relationship bears all the brunt of blame in their songwriting, shocking no one. Still, it’s catchy in the same way I still find Panic! At The Disco songs to be enjoyable. Watch the performance above.

And while this kind of lowbrow EDM pop is a rather unexpected choice for dealing with the relentless slog of daily life, I found that their record was just the balm I needed for coping with heavy sh*t lately.

Memories… Do Not Open is out now. Get it here.