Flo Milli Makes It Clear That Her Beauty Isn’t Up For Debate On ‘PBC’

This summer will mark two years since Flo Milli made her splash in the rap world with her debut project Ho, Why Is You Here? The 12-song effort came with no features and saw the Alabama rapper shine brightly thanks to her infectious attitude and her impressive lyricism. We’ve yet to receive a follow-up project from Flo Milli, but she has continued to impress with singles and guest features. Today marks an example of the former as she returns with her new song “PBC.”

Flo Milli’s new record, which stands as an abbreviation for “Pretty Black Cute,” finds setting the record straight on her beauty. She makes it clear that there are no asterisks or footnotes to her looks and everything should be taken as is. “Pretty for what? / Pretty for who?” she raps. “I’m really like that / Who are you?” The song was initially previewed during Tia Adeola’s fashion show during this month’s New York Fashion Week. According to OkayPlayer, Flo Milli said the song is about “Black women finding their power, wearing their natural hair, everything that makes you pretty, Black and cute.”

The new song comes after Flo Milli and Rico Nasty joined forces for “Money” last year. During 2021, she also dropped solo singles like “Roaring 20s” and “Ice Baby” during a year that also saw her get selected to the 2021 XXL Freshman Class.

You can listen to “PBC” and enjoy a skit from Flo Milli that strikes as a hilarious flip of a viral clip from America’s Next Top Model in the videos above.