Flo Parties It Up On Vacation In Their New ‘Summertime’ Video

The UK’s buzziest girl group has another heater on their hands. Hot off the release of their debut EP, The Lead, Flo has just dropped a new video for their song, “Summertime.”

In the video, the ladies, Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma and Renée Downer, make an impromptu getaway, boarding a plane and making an escape to the beach for a weekend. In various scenes, the girls are also seen shopping, swimming at a mansion, and taking in various sights within their destination.

“Me and my girls are going in this summer / Hair, nails, everything did like stunners / And we gon’ do anything we wanna / Yeah, we gon’ do anything we wanna,” they sing on the song’s chorus.

Flo has garnered a large following thanks to social media, as well as their catchy, delightfully nostalgic music, which feels reminiscent to the late ’90s and early 2000s. In a recent interview with NME, the ladies said they ultimately want to make people feel good with their music.

“Since girl groups are basically non-existent right now, we have a chance to really make music that people can feel and relate to and bring back that sound,” said Downer. “We want to sell out arenas and just completely take over!”

Check out “Summertime” above.