Frank Ocean Is Bringing Arca, Papi Juice, And Shyboi To New York To Perform At His Second PrEP+ Night

Frank Ocean’s back (for now).

A mercurial spirit, Frank Ocean returned to the forefront of the mainstream music scene last week with the release of his first song in two years, “DHL.” In addition, Ocean hosted a queer dance party, PrEP+, in New York last week, where he debuted two new songs. The event’s name stems from a preventative HIV medication, Prophylaxis, while the event itself derives from Ocean’s recent inspiration from Detriot and Chicago’s nightlife, techno and electronic music.

Well, the event was so nice that Ocean’s hosting it twice. Ocean’s second PrEP+ queer club night will return to New York Thursday (tonight!) at the Knockdown Center’s BASEMENT, according to Pitchfork. In addition, Ocean’s bringing Arca, Leeon, Papi Juice, and Shyboi to perform with him this time around. While it’s unclear if Ocean will release a new single after the event as he did last week with “DHL,” all of Ocean’s fans will hope so. The two songs that Ocean debuted at the first PrEP+ were “Dear April” and “Cayendo,” and both song’s videos were uploaded to Ocean’s Blonded website. Check out Ocean perform those songs at the first PrEP+ below.

You can check out the videos for “Dear April” and “Cayendo” and purchase tickets for Ocean’s second PrEP+ queer club night using the promo code SHYBOI here.