Welcome To FrFr Language With Kalan.FrFr

Your favorite rappers aren’t speaking in code; you’re just not hip to their lingo. From onomatopoeias to alliterations, an artist’s chosen lyrical content help tells the stories and paint pictures of music culture from around the globe. West coast rappers have always added their own flair to hip-hop’s dictionary. As corny as it sounds, “fo shizzle/fa shizzle” became the go-to way to say “for sure” thanks to Snoop Dogg’s “Suited N Booted.” And we can’t forget E-40 teaching us how to ghost-ride the whip!

Ready for some new additions to your West coast rap vocabulary? Look no further than Uproxx’s Cherise Johnson’s sitdown with SoCal’s Kalan.FrFr as he decodes phrases like “light speed” from his song “Light Breeze,” the dating moniker “sweet tea,” and the exotic car nickname “toys.” Nevertheless, it’s safe to say Kalan has been on a winning streak all of 2022. His most recent album, 222, which helms production by Hit-Boy, JetsonMade, and more, saw major streaming success. Also, we can’t forget his Made In America set and “TwoFr Tour,” bolstered by appearances from fellow Cali rap homies Blxst and 1Take Jay as well as R&B singer Mario and the enchanting Rubi Rose.

Outside of FrFr Language, catch Kalan and his Cali swag for UPROXX Sessions performing the song “Light Breeze” and his past performance of “Never Lose You.”

You can watch Kalan.FrFr’s FrFr Language for Uproxx Music up top.