Future Tricked His Lady-Friend With A Fake Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Getty Image

For those thinking Future’s latest EP Save Me was the beginning of a new direction for the Atlanta crooner, don’t get your hopes up — it looks like he’s still stuck in his ways, finessing his female admirers with “gifts” that turn out to be more like grifts. With the hype around Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich all over social media, Future hopped in the fun on his Instagram account, recounting how he passed off a “hood” chicken sandwich for the highly coveted real thing to impress a lady friend.

“Pulled up on bae with a chicken sandwich from a hood spot and put it in a Popeyes bag I had in the car from a week ago,” Future said in an Instagram story post. ” She love(s) me more now. Perception is everything.” While it’s all in good fun, there might be a lesson in there somewhere about believing the hype. It turns out one chicken sandwich might be just as good as any other.

Perhaps Future’s lady friend’s feelings for him will change if she catches wind of this story, but he has much more on his plate to worry about. Future and Meek Mill just started their co-headling Legendary Nights tour in St. Louis Wednesday night. In addition, the duo released the video to promotional single “100 Shooters” Friday.