GloRilla Asserts Her Sexual Dominance With Her Raunchy New Single ‘Nut Quick’

This Friday, rapper GloRilla‘s major-label debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great, will be released. As fans eagerly await its arrival, the Memphis native is giving them something to hold them over. Her new single, “Nut Quick,” produced by Arayonthetrack, is a step back from the spiritual undertones heard on “Tomorrow 2” featuring Cardi B.

Instead, “Nut Quick” serves as GloRilla’s unfiltered thoughts on quick a few trendy social media topics, including hookup culture, gender roles, and women’s sexual liberation. While GloRilla isn’t the first woman rapper to discuss these topics, her approach to shaping these conversations into songs makes her viewpoint much more potent.

The opening lyric, “if you don’t get the fuck out of here, what are you doing here,” shows GloRilla’s lack of investment in respectability politics. The rapper will not downplay her sexual appetite and encourages women to follow her lead. Another line in the song that addresses this is, “he thought I would be crazy after sex, but I ain’t nothin’ / he could’ve been my favorite sneaky link, but he just nut quick.” which inspired the song’s title. GloRilla is here for a good time, not a long time. Therefore, her casual sex partner or “sneaky link” needs to keep up, or she’s onto someone who can.

In the vein of honesty, GloRilla shows that her pursuits of sexual liberation have forced her to make complicated decisions. “Found out I was pregnant, got it gone, and I ain’t f*ck since,” she raps, facing the reality that unwanted pregnancies are sometimes a consequence.

Just as she holds herself accountable for her actions, GloRilla holds men that subscribe to “boss culture” to that same standard. It costs to be the boss, and GloRilla will not settle for anything other than the ‘princess treatment,’ as she raps, “First date, meet me at the mall since he say he boss enough / And I’ma put that n**** back if he say it cost too much (broke ass).”

Watch the lyric video above.