Guapdad 4000 And Denzel Curry Drop A Surreal ‘Lil Scammer That Could’ Video

With just a couple of weeks left until the official halfway mark in the calendar, it is safe to say that Guapdad 4000 has been one of the most active artists in 2020. With a pandemic halting all physical movement in the world, Guapdad still kept things going as he introduced his “Rona Raps And Falcon Fridays” series to the world. The former found him collaborating with a number of his industry friends, bringing a total of 10 episodes for fans to enjoy. The latter served as a setup for his Platinum Falcon Vol. 1 tape which was released at the end of the “Falcon Fridays” series.

Moving full-steam ahead, Guapdad returns with another single featuring help from Denzel Curry. The video is a wild one, as it features things like human plants and Guapdad as a Thomas The Tank Engine-style train.

Working their magic once again, the song follows their “Izayah” collab from Guapdad’s 2019 Dior Deposits album. On “Lil Scammer That Could,” Guapdad and Curry lay off a verse each surrounded by a hook from Guapdad that finds him flexing his array of women, money, and jewels. Guapdad continues his braggadocios behavior throughout his verse, before handing the mic off to Curry who delivers his own ambitious raps of wanting to elevate his current living situation to one that allows him to enjoy the finer things in life.

The single arrives weeks after Guapdad and Curry flaunted their rap skills in Episode 3 of the “Rona Raps” series alongside Wiz Khalifa.

Watch the “Lil Scammer That Could” video above.