Guns N’ Roses Declare ‘The Machine Is Back At It’ In 2017

Aside from the whole Axl Rose shattering his foot thing, 2016 has gone swimmingly for Guns N’ Roses. The reunion has been roaring success, the only real meltdowns have come from boozed-up fans (including a literal sh*tshow in Philly) and there’s even been room for some AC/DC moonlighting. So why not keep things rolling into 2017, eh?

Guns N’ Roses have released a 30-second video proclaiming “The Machine Is Back at It in 2017” which will likely raise the hopes of fans that missed out on the early stages of this return to retro. The band have dates lined up in 2017 for countries like Japan, Australia and Singapore, but this clip seems to hint that North American fans could get another engagement with this era of GnR. Ultimate Classic Rock notes that some cities have seen new Guns N’ Roses billboards pop up, like in Montreal where there was no Not in This Lifetime… Tour appearance.

Naturally, this is all just a bit of speculation about a video designed to get people to say and guess assorted things related to Guns N’ Roses. Speculation can be fun, so consider us intrigued.

“Everybody’s working together to keep a common goal – keep the machine going,” said production manager Dale “Opie” Skjerseth this summer in an interview with Atlanta’s WXIA. “Everybody’s older. They carry their families with them. They all have to have their spaces. Everybody meets before we go onstage. It’s a meeting point – and that’s where the chemistry happens.”

The evidence seems to suggest more dates, although we’re willing to be surprised with the announcement of a GnR themed restaurant chain instead.

(Via Ultimate Classic Rock)