The Jonas Brothers Love Halsey’s Intense And Soulful Cover Of ‘Sucker’ On ‘Live Lounge’

There’s a reason the Jonas Brothers’ hit comeback single “Sucker” was so successful: It’s a delightful pop song that’s upbeat and beyond catchy. However, Halsey also knows how to make hits, and when she covered the song for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, she took a decidedly different approach to “Sucker.”

Instead of a jaunty pop track, Halsey decided to reinterpret the single as a slower and more soulful number, as she was accompanied by a backing band featuring a saxophone and jazzy guitar. Her more sultry and meditative version of the song takes a relaxed stroll through the familiar verses, and when it comes time for the chorus, she made it big with gravely and rocking vocals. It accomplishes what a great cover should, ultimately: It both pays tribute to the original composition while bringing new life to it.

The JoBros are big fans of the cover. Today, the group shared a quick selfie video shot from inside a car, in which they all say that her rendition was “amazing” and “incredible” and thank her for doing it.

Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers are the subject of a new Harper’s Bazaar cover story, and for that, they shared a hilarious skit in which they really miss Game Of Thrones.

Watch Halsey’s cover of “Sucker” above.