Have Rihanna & ASAP Rocky Worked On Music Together?

It’s been a while since we heard new music from either ASAP Rocky or Rihanna, as the power couple has been busy enjoying parenthood. During this week’s launch party for Rihanna’s latest Puma sneakers, the singer offered some insight into parenthood, including a self-deprecating dig at one of her own signature features that youngest son Riot didn’t inherit.

She was also asked about possible collaborations between her and her boyfriend Rocky, responding, “We did that already — twice.” Of course, she was talking about their two boys, not songs, but if you were wondering whether they’ve also recorded any songs together, we’ve got you covered there.

Their earliest collaboration was the 2011 “Cockiness” remix, which transformed the sixth single from her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk. Produced by “A Milli” producer Bangladesh, dubstep-influenced track received mixed reviews and peaked at No. 17 on Billboard‘s “Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles” chart.

Meanwhile, although Rihanna has yet to appear on any of Rocky’s songs, she has appeared in two of his music videos. In 2013, the video for “Fashion Killa” from Rocky’s debut studio album Long. Live. A$AP. featured Rihanna and followed the couple on a shopping date. Then, in 2022, Rocky kicked off marriage rumors about the couple when his video for “D.M.B.” not only starred Rihanna but also featured Rocky wearing a grill reading “Marry Me.”

In her red-carpet interview Rihanna expressed optimism about any future collaborations, saying, “Anything Rocky and me collaborate on is going to be fire,” because of their shared creative sensibility. Check out the interview below.