Ice Spice Failed To Live Up To Her Name, Joining The ‘Hot Ones’ Hall Of Shame

In the annals of Hot Ones history, only a handful of the show’s guests have been unable to complete the gauntlet of Wings Of Death. Unfortunately for breakout star Ice Spice, she has joined the rolls of the Hall Of Shame, failing to finish her interview, despite having “Spice” in her name (I swear I did not mean for that to rhyme). At least she’s in good company; fellow rappers who also dropped the ball include E-40, Lil Yachty, Pusha T, Quavo, and Shaquille O’Neal (if we count his four rap albums of the 1990s).

The “Boy’s A Liar” rapper is working up to the release of her debut album, Y2K, which she said releases this year after finishing it earlier this month. Host Sean Evans got some insight into her creative process, which is the opposite of the usual “record 50 songs and whittle it down” approach. He also invited Spice to explain how she writes her catchy hooks, her car test, and her bond with producer RiotUSA, including the iconic “Stop playin’ with ’em, Riot” tag.

However, despite Ice’s prediction that “I think I can get through this,” but as with others before her, the sauce that took her out was the infamous #8: Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity. She tapped out just ahead of wing #9, saying, “I’m not gonna do that to my throat,” as the Hot Ones producers played a montage of prior early withdrawals. She seemed to be a good sport about it, and maintained her composure better than some (there probably won’t be too many memes hitting the socials from this episode) while delivering some truly good answers, she just couldn’t get over the line. Better luck next time, Ice!

Watch Ice Spice’s Hot Ones interview above.