Ice Spice Lures In Rema With Her ‘Pretty Girl’ Magic On Their Shimmering New Collab

It looks like a new era of Ice Spice is upon us. The New York rapper kicked off the year with her debut EP, Like…?, which spawned hits like “In Ha Mood,” “Princess Diana,” and “Deli,” the lattermost appearing on a deluxe edition of the EP. As Ice has been slaying the charts, fans are anxious for a full-length body of work. Could her debut album be on the way? Tonight (October 13), she has teamed up with Afro-fusion superstar Rema for a new song called “Pretty Girl.”

On the song, Ice finds herself captivated by a man. However, she lays down the law from the jump, letting him know that she’s the one calling the shots.

“I’m the one that got a lot of bands / Who you become, I know that dеpends ” raps Ice on her verse.

Rema delivers a charming chorus as he falls under the woman’s gravity.

“You are my real flex / Oya, gimme promise / You ain’t gonna bail on me,” he sings on the hook.

The new song arrives before Ice’s performance on the 49th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, which airs this Saturday at 11 p.m. EST on NBC.

You can listen to “Pretty Girl” above.